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Newsletter January #3 2019

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The Attack Surface Is Growing Faster Than Ever

The experts at Avast have picked out the biggest trends in cybersecurity that will affect business and consumers in the course of 2019. read more


US Government Shutdown Is Damaging Cybersecurity

The new Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency at US Homeland Security has over half its staff not working and a lot of its work has come to a halt. read more


Russians Are Confident Their Homeland Is Secure

International Survey: Russians are confident their country is well prepared to deal with cyber warfare, more so than Britons or Americans. read more


Pay Rates For Security Professionals

North Starr have compared 2018 UK pay rates paid in the IT Security marketplace across a range of different categories and the results might surprise you. read more


Protecting Your Company’s Data Against Insider Threats

While breaches affecting large organisations get the most publicity, the truth is that no business is immune from the danger of insider threats. read more


UK Launches Long-Awaited Cyber Skills Strategy

A new UK cybersecurity skills strategy designed to reduce industry shortages and a new independent body set up to help shape the future of the profession. read more


Blackout On The Dark Web

Mysterious hackers successfully penetrated a popular dark web server and then permanently deleted more than 6,500 secret websites. read more


Cybercrime Gangs Continue To Innovate

Phishers are using new techniques to carry out their attacks and obscure their origins, making  the most out of every criminal campaign. read more


Quantum Computing Will Overtake Conventional Computing

Conventional computers are reaching their limit. Quantum computers, which calculate using quantum phenomena are the replacement. read more


US Treasury Sanctions Russians For  Electoral Interference

The US government has not finished taking action against Russians accused of election hacking and interference campaigns. read more

Payment Accepted Emails – Don't Click

The email is not a genuine order notification. Instead, it is a ruse designed to trick you into downloading malware. read more

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