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Newsletter January #4 2019

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Shutdown Is Doing Lasting Damage To US National Security

Halting cybersecurity work makes it easier for hostile nation-states to steal Americans’ personal information and corporate intellectual property. read more


Global Cyber Attacks Are Up 63% Driven By AI

Significant growth in cyber attacks is being driven by the increasing use of artificial intelligence technology by organised criminal groups. read more


Blockchain Applications For Identity Verification

Blockchain's fundamental capacity to reconcile and keep a record of transactions has potential to carve out a niche in identity management. read more


AI Will Find You In The Crowd

Neural network researchers say deep learning techniques using artificial intelligence can detect and identify individuals without facial recognition. read more


GCHQ Introduces Women Only Cybersecurity Training

GCHQ thinks the lack of women in cybersecurity is part of the bigger picture of a gender imbalance in science, technology, engineering and maths. read more


Singapore Upgrades Cybersecurity

Singapore wants a  new model of national cyber defence across 11 critical infrastructure sectors, including healthcare, energy, telecoms & transport. read more


World Economic Forum Cyber Risks Report

WEF 2019 examines “what-if” Future Shocks in  quantum computing, weather manipulation, monetary populism and 'emotionally responsive' AI. read more


The Impact Of Tech Disruption On Jobs

If the robots can replace us, what are we left to do? Deloitte has looked at how the nature of work is shifting with automation. read more


Google Search Results Spoofed To Create Fake News

A spoofing technique that creates fake Google search results could be used in political influence campaigns or for other subversive purposes. read more


US Vs. China - A Different Kind of Cyberwar

China is engaged in its own form of cyberwarfare, but one that does not readily fit into the West’s long-standing perceptions of war and peace. read more


The US Pentagon Has Numerous Security Gaps

The US Defense Department’s IT systems have 200+ vulnerabilities that put the Pentagon at risk of hacks and data theft. read more


What Financial Services Executives Need to Know About Data-Security

The financial services industry experiences 35% of data breaches, earning it the unflattering title of the most-breached sector. There's a reason for that. read more


The Age Of 'Surveillance Capitalism' Dawns

Reading List: Surveillance capitalism works by providing free services that people use, enabling the providers to monitor user behaviour in astonishing detail, often without consent. read more

Blockchain Transforms The Internet of Things

Volkswagen and Bosch are changing the way they work by connecting the IoT to the decentralised data market using Blockchain technology. read more

New British Cyber Security Centre

The National Digital Exploitation Centre (NDEC) will be the first R&D facility of its kind in Wales, providing  a service to SMEs and microbusiness. read more

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