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Newsletter July #1 2019

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AI Makes Cyber-Attacks More Destructive

Artificial Intelligence will be used by attackers to drive the next major upgrade in cyber weaponry and will ultimately pioneer AI's malicious use. read more


30% Of Business Leaders Would Pay Ransom

A third of business leaders would consider paying ransom to an attacker instead of investing in cybersecurity, as they believe it is cheaper. read more


SMEs Need A Disaster Recovery Plan

For Small and Medium sized businesses the cost of not updating Disaster Recovery systems can far exceed the price of staying on top of the risks. read more


US Attackers Target Iran's Defense Networks

US Cyber Command is reported to have found a way to penetrate Iranian military networks to attack and neutralise air defense missile systems. read more


Hackers Penetrate Russia's Electric Grid

Responding to an order to go on the offensive, US military hackers are are said to be busy planting malicious malware in Russia's critical infrastructure. read more


Staying Secure When Travelling For Business

The transport industry is vulnerable and Business Travellers are some of the most at-risk victims of cyber attacks, but they don't seem to realise it. read more


Britain Wants More Women In Cyber Security

Lots of schoolgirls are creating digital waves but  there are still too few women in the cyber security sector. The UK government wants to fix that. read more


Malboard Exploit Mimics A User’s Keystrokes

Malware researchers have developed a new attack method which avoids detection by mimicing a user’s personalised keystroke characteristics. read more


Tackling The ‘Splinternet’

Rapid advances in technical capabilities and the associated rise in security threats have overtaken effective regulation in the digital economy. read more


Alarming Trends In Data Theft

Singapore continues to be a focus for attention by advanced threat actors and the national Cyber Security Agency is reporting some alarming trends. read more

Iran’s Cyber Threat to Germany

Tehran is emerging as a major cyber security threat to Germany and other nations, the German intelligence service has warned. read more

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