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Newsletter July #3 2019

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2019: Cybersecurity Is In Crisis

After 6 months of data breaches, supply chain manipulations & state-backed hacking campaigns, some say the worst of 2019 is yet to come. read more


Air-Travel Needs Stronger Cyber Security

Air transport faces unprecedented risks from cybercrime, the result of digital transformation and extensive reliance on communication technologies. read more


US Cyber Strike On Iran Is A Step Change

A military action was diverted into a cyber action: Modern warfare could increasingly look like a loss of connectivity, rather than a loss of life. read more


Cyber Essentials For Board Directors

Most Board Directors now realise that Cyber-Threats risk serious damage and that Cyber Security must be regularly assessed. Don't they? read more


Five Ways HR Can Improve Cyber Security

It's not just an IT responsibility. HR professionals need to ensure employees’ skills are updated to encompass cyber security. read more


AI Solves Beatles Songwriting Dispute

Was it John Lennon or Paul McCartney? An  algorithm has learned to read musical fingerprints to help resolve arguments over a song’s origins. read more


Professionals Say Network Security is Getting Harder

In a survey, 64% of security professionals said network security is getting harder; a fifth of all respondents said it is getting much harder. read more


Most Cyber Insurance Claims Result from Human Error

About three-quarters of cyber claims notified in 2018 to Canadian insurers involved some kind of “easily preventable” human error. read more


Cyber Effects Of Industry 4.0 On Warfare

We are experiencing the opening phase of the next Industrial revolution and the effects are changing geo-politics, military tactics & methods of warfare. read more


Vietnam’s Top Hacking Group Uses Sloppy Code

OceanLotus group was notorious for using carefully crafted tools to breach companies in the manufacturing and hospitality sectors. Not now. read more

Croatian Government Targeted By Mystery Hackers

Croatian officials are spear-phished with an innovative technique that looks like the malware distribution platform used to disrupt Crimea. read more

India & Japan In Cyber Security Pact

India and Japan have decided to collaborate in the areas of cyber security and outer-space as part of their growing security partnership. read more

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