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Newsletter July #4 2019

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Most Organisations Lack Cyber Resilience

Protection: Most organisations lack a clear idea of what their most critical information assets are or where they're located, never mind how to effectively safeguard them. read more


Russian FSB Hacked: "Largest data breach in its history"

Hackers have successfully targeted Russia's Federal Security Service in possibly "the largest data leak in the history of Russian intelligence." read more


Privacy: Can You Trust FaceApp With Your Face?

Smartphone software used to simulate the ravages of time upon users' features is at the centre of a global cybersecurity row over its Terms & Conditions. read more


The Destabilizing Danger Of Cyberattacks On Missile Systems

Attacks that aim to disable enemy missile systems may increase the chance of them being used, not least because the systems are so vulnerable. read more


Business Leaders Are Ignoring Cyber Risks

Cyber-attacks have cost British medium sized businesses with income between £15m and £1bn at least £30bn in the past year. read more


E-Fusion And Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is driven by a  technological fusion that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. By Alfred Rolington  read more


AI  Could Transform Submarine Warfare

Applying AI to ocean data helps submarine crews understand where their adversaries are, what they’re doing and what they can see. read more


SMEs Run Outdated & Vulnerable Operating Systems

Security weaknesses in SMEs include antiquated Microsoft operating systems, encryption defects,  poor patching and outdated email servers. read more


Five Hi -Tech Ways To Fight Off Cyber Attackers

A shift towards a tech-centric culture means people are at a much higher risk of cyber-attacks. Here are five innovative ways to stay secure. read more


Cannabis Buyers Are Uniquely Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

N. America’s emerging cannabis industry, along with many of with its customers, could be especially vulnerable to hacks and extortion. read more


Ten Reasons Why Senior Managers Should Understand Cyber Security

Effective cyber security leadership requires the same skills and intellectual processes that are most called for to lead organisations at the highest level. read more

Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Latin America

As S. American companies and governments race to embrace the Internet, cybersecurity and the related risks of cybercrime are being  ignored. read more

From Ciphers To Cyber Security

One Hundred Years Of Spying: GCHQ celebrates its new-found  transparency with an exhibition of documents, devices & appliances from the agency's history. read more

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