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Newsletter June #3 2019

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Now Is Definitely Time To Check You Are GDPR Compliant

As the risk of a punitive fine grows, it is vital to verify that your organisation is  GDPR compliant. There are four key areas to consider. read more


Hong Kong Protesters Disrupted By Cyber Attacks

The secure messaging system used by Hong Kong protesters to co-ordinate demonstrations has come under a sustained large-scale DDoS attack. read more


More Than 880 Million Financial Records Exposed 

You might think large financial organisations would have at least fixed the most basic and obviously damaging types of data mishandling. Wrong. read more


DDoS Attacks Up By 84% In Q1

Cyber-criminals are once again turning to DDoS attack methods after shifting their attention to other sources of income, say Kaspersky. read more


WannaCry Has Not Gone Away

Microsoft is warning that 'Wormable Bugs' like Wannacry, capable of propagating  from one computer to another, are alive and well in the wild. read more


Britain Hacks Back

The British government is stepping up the rhetoric on cyber warfare, saying that it has plans to spend £22m on a new "offensive hacking" unit.  read more


The Spycraft Revolution

Forget James Bond: One of the world’s oldest professions, espionage, is facing tremendous technological, political, legal, social and commercial changes. read more


Be Prepared for Tomorrow’s Cyber Threat

Cyber threats are one of the most significant risks to your organisation. It is crucial to prepare your business for the dangers of tomorrow. read more


Is Artificial Intelligence Ready For Your Organisation?

AI is progressing beyond experiment into many different areas of commercial operations. This is just the beginning of a much larger effect. read more


Data Analytics Is Changing The Insurance Industry

Data analysis has always been one of the historical pillars of insurance and integrating advanced analytic techniques is a big step change. read more


Jamie Bartlett: Tech Will Change Us

The respected commentator and analyst Jamie Bartlett is known for exploring the political and social impacts of technology. His conclusions are worrying. read more

TalkTalk Hacker Jailed

Daniel Kelley became a "Black Hat" hacker when he failed to get the GCSE grades to get on to a computer course. Now he's been jailed for 4 years. read more

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