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Newsletter March #3 2019

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How To Develop Secure Cybersecurity Practices

Business leaders know that something needs to be done to limit their corporate risks and individual exposure, although time isn’t on their side. read more 


Knowing How Your Data Behaves Is Key To Cybersecurity

Data is everywhere, however, securing that data has never been more critical, or more difficult. This means we need a new approach to security. read more


Triton Malware Is Spreading

A highly sophisticated industrial malware strain capable of remotely disabling safety systems with potentially catastrophic and deadly consequences. read more


US Under Attack By Chinese & Iranian Hackers

Geopolitics are playing out in cyberspace as attacks from Iran and China reflect disagreements between nation states on sanctions and trade. read more


Car Hacking & Data Collection

The amazing driver-assist mechanisms and must-have infotainment systems in many new cars are raising big concerns about safety and privacy. read more


Cybercrime Misconceptions Put Consumers At Risk

A third of British people surveyed  incorrectly believe that public Wi-Fi has to, by law, have effective security. It gets worse. read more


NATO Agrees Collaboration On Cyber Security

NATO summit declares cyber threats to the security of the alliance are becoming 'more frequent, complex, destructive and coercive.' read more


National Security & Surveillance In The Age Of AI

GCHQ chief says the UK intelligence community needs to gain public trust regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence for national security purposes. read more


Sydney Airport Steps Up  Cybersecurity

Sydney Airport is preparing to establish a cyber security operations centre to protect its systems and data holdings from the threat of cyber attack. read more


China Gives Police New Powers To Spy On Foreign Firms

Security experts have warned foreign firms operating in China that new laws may give the authorities more power to spy on and censor them. read more


US Allies Don’t Agree With Trump Blocking Huawei

The Trump administration's push to block Chinese firm Huawei from their next-generation 5G wireless networks is facing skepticism in Europe. read more

Protecting Personal Data

Cyber criminals don’t take a day off and neither should you when it comes to keeping your devices and your personal information safe. read more

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