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Newsletter March #4 2019

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Over 90% Of Security Pros Fear Insider Threats

The vast majority of IT and Security Professionals surveyed said they feel vulnerable to insider threats, no matter whether they are malicious or purely accidental. read more


What's The Difference Between AI And Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are often lumped together and its easy for people to mistake them as synonymous. They are not. read more


Qbot Banking Malware Can Infect Cybersecurity Firms

A new variant of a banking malware known as Qbot rapidly mutates to stay ahead of anti-virus systems, even infecting some technology vendors. read more


"Cookie Walls" Non-Compliant With GDPR

The Dutch Data Protection Agency says "cookie walls" that demand a website visitor agrees to being tracked are not compliant with EU law.  read more


WordPress Comprises 90% Of Hacked Sites

WordPress accounts for the vast majority of compromised Content Management System platforms, with vulnerable plugins the prime attack vector. read more


Bank of England Testing Banks' Cyber Resilience

Britain's banks will have to show they could recover from a cyber-attack within just a few hours to avoid customer payments being delayed. read more


US Cyber Command Cut Russian Troll Access

A US military agency successfully blocked the Internet access of a Russian firm believed to be  trying to influence the 2018 US midterm elections. read more


The US Navy Is Leaking Secrets

The US Navy is aware of cyber-attacks by foreign hackers but has failed to effectively respond or to warn its defense contractors of the danger. read more


Three In Five Politicians’ Websites Don’t Use Cyber Security

A wide survey of politicians' websites across 37 countries finds that over 60% lack basic security measures. read more


Half Of UK Businesses Have Fallen For Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails are a common attack technique deployed in hacking campaigns which attempt to lure victims into disclosing sensitive information. read more


NASA’s Poor Cybersecurity Is An Operational Threat

Serious deficiencies in NASA’s information security program include inaccurate data in system security plans and delays in  control assessments. read more


Cyber Criminals Are Changing Their Methods

Increased security measures and awareness are driving cyber-criminals to alter their techniques in search of a better return on investment. read more

US Surveillance System Exposed By Snowden Goes Dormant

A US surveillance programme whose forerunner was exposed by Edward Snowden has not been used for six months and is unlikely to be renewed. read more

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