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Newsletter May #1 2019

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Huawei To Be Given 5G Contracts In Britain

The British government looks ready to grant the Chinese tech giant eligible status to supply all “non-core” infrastructure related to the UK telecoms network. read more


EU Elections: Facebook Prepares

Facebook says it is preparing to tackle interference campaigns aimed to misinform and manipulate voters ahead of the EU's elections this month. read more


Attacks On Business Are Intensifying

A sharp increase in cyber-attacks is the key finding in a study of more than 5,400 organisations across seven countries, according to insurer Hiscox. read more


Social Media Crime Is A Threat To Business

Employees are devoting more than three hours per week to sites proven to be hotbeds of malware and that is affecting the businesses they work for. read more


GCHQ Chief Wants A Big Effort To Improve British Cybersecurity

Spy chief Jeremy Fleming says that government, academia and industry in the UK must increase the level of cybersecurity collaboration. read more


France’s National Cybersecurity Policy: Both Defend & Attack

In a major policy statement the French government says it will use its cyber arms as offensive weapons, as well as to respond an attack. read more


Russia Plans To Monitor Internet Access

The 'sovereign Internet law” isolates domestic online traffic by requiring it pass through servers run by the national Internet regulation agency. read more


The IoT Is A Big Headache For Software Developers

Connectivity, performance, and standards are growing areas of concern as the Internet of Things moves from concept to production reality. read more


Blockchain Will Revolutionise Banking

The security, speed and claimed reliability of blockchain technology  is set to positively reform the banking sector on a large scale. read more


AI: Is Your Business Ready?

AI may be more sophisticated than ever, but often it’s worth taking a step back to ask if your business really needs it in the first place. read more


Nasty Phishing Scam Targets Instagram

The Nasty List: Instagram is cautioning users not to fall for a widespread phishing scam which is trying to collect log-ins and hack users accounts. read more

Authenticating Digital Evidence

 With a huge growth of digital media, the question of what types of evidence available to the police that are also admissible in court is highly complex. read more

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