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Newsletter May #3 2019

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WhatsApp Penetrated By Spyware

Hackers have successfully installed surveillance software on phones and other appliances, exploiting  a major weakness in Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger. read more


EU Elections Prompt A Surge In Fake News

The EU is experiencing a surge in information warfare in an attempt to sway the outcome of parliamentary elections later this month. read more


US Electric Grid Suffers Unexplained DDoS Attack

Six weeks after the event the US DoE has admitted a major disruption to the electric grid involving a "denial of service condition" at an unnamed utility. read more


What Can We Do About Increasing Complexity In Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity has never been more complicated and only by holding our vendors, partners and ourselves fully accountable can we get protection. read more


Israel Responds To A Cyber Attack With Bombs

Israeli Defence Forces have said that they launched air-strikes on a building which is believed to have housed Hamas digital warfare operatives. read more


Has President Trump Lost The Cyber Plot?

The US Navy could be at risk of investing in conventional 'kinetic' force where it already predominates, at the expense of cyber weapons. read more


Cybersecurity And IoT Suffering From The  Skills Shortage

The growth of IoT is having an impact on the cybersecurity jobs market and organisations are increasingly turning to quick-fix solutions. read more


Brexit Threatens Cybercrime Detection

British police officers are saying that speedy European evidence-sharing about cybercrime may be endangered by a no-deal Brexit. read more


AI  Cybersecurity Is Worth Almost $5B

The surge of cyber attacks is one of the prime factors behind the growth of the AI-driven cybersecurity market, currently valued at $4.94B. read more


Snowden Explains Why The CIA Is On Instagram

Edward Snowden has cast light on the reasons why the secretive US spy agency is emerging from the shadows and embracing social media. read more


Digital Techniques Drive Safety And Speed

Remote access technologies and robotics are eliminating human risk in hazardous heavy manufacturing and in designing new training methods. read more

High-Tech Enhanced Military Vision

The Enhanced Human: French researchers have created a lightweight contact lens offering augmented vision with a simutaneous wireless visual relay. read more

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