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Newsletter May #4 2019

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What's Your Data Strategy?

All businesses need a Data Strategy which encompasses audits, reviews their cybersecurity, data protection practices and their employee cyber awareness training. read more


Google Block Huawei From Android

Google has barred Huawei from critical updates to the Android  OS whilst chipmakers contemplate cancelling smartphone component supplies. read more


Britain To Initiate Online “Porn Ban’

The UK government intends to implement a “Porn Ban” nationwide on July 15, restricting access to online pornography for under 18s. But will it work? read more


‘Chinese Spies’ Had NSA Cyber Weapons Before The Shadow Brokers Leak

Chinese spies obtained NSA cyber weapons more than a year before they were leaked in one of the most high-profile hacks of the last decade. read more


Young Hacker Makes $1M. Legally.

It Pays To Be Ethical: A 19-year-old Argentinian has made history as the first to earn over $1,000,000 in bug bounty awards. read more


Israel Finds It Has Numerous Cyber Vulnerabilities

Israels's National Cyber Directorate thinks that the national cyber agencies & infrastructure companies need  a clear legal framework. read more


Iranian Cyber-Espionage Exposed

Revealed: An Iranian hacking team's lists of its victims, attack strategies, alleged areas of access & employee lists relevant to espionage systems. read more


G7 To Simulate Cross-Border Cyber Attack

Leading Western industrial powers will for the first time jointly simulate a major cross-border cybersecurity attack on the financial sector. read more


British Hackers Convicted For Stealing £10m

The gang used malware to steal the email log-in details of businesses worldwide, to identify high-value financial transaction and divert money. read more


IoT Connected Devices Need Better Cybersecurity

Connected IoT Devices will soon be running artificial intelligence derived software to speed up image- and speech-processing tasks. read more


Social Media Is The New Gutenberg

Just as the Gutenberg Revolution upset many aspects of government and religion, so Social Media is now changing our concepts real and fake news. read more


Huawei Offers A 'No-Spy' Agreement

Bending to multinational pressure, Huawei's chairman say he's "willing to sign no-spy agreements with governments", including the UK. read more

Israel Hits Back At Hamas Cyber Attackers

As more details emerge, it is thought to be the first time that a nation-state has retaliated with physical military action in real time against a cyber-attack. read more

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