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Newsletter October #1 2019

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Easy Cyber Knowledge
Chapter 4 - The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things allows objects to connect and share data and this affects humans in many ways: Privacy, Security and Legal Standards are all at issue.  

By Alfred RolingtonThe Fourth installment is Free to View Now.  read more


The WannaCry Hangover

WannaCry detections are at an all-time high and it continues to infect computers worldwide, say the security experts at Sophos. read more


Only 31% Of Employees Get Annual Cyber Security Training

Employee education is key for small businesses to prevent cyber attacks, yet many employees are not getting any regular cybersecurity training. read more


Cyber Insurance Is Unsustainable On Its Current Path

One analyst thinks that the cyber insurance market is too narrow and over-concentrated at present. A new approach to understanding risk is required. read more


Top 5 Rules For Laying Out An Employee Cybersecurity Policy

Five tips to help you to develop an employee cybersecurity policy that helps your people to learn how to defend themselves. By Aimee Laurence. read more


Huawei Will Sell Its 5G Know-How

Huawei wants to address the widespread concerns over the integrity of its 5G network technology by licensing it to EU and US competitors. read more


Organised Social Media Manipulation

The use of computational propaganda to shape public attitudes via social media has become main-stream, far beyond the actions of a few bad actors. read more


Old Magecart Domains Come Back To Life

A consortium of malicious hacker groups known as Magecart who target online shopping cart systems are repurposing some old tools. read more


By 2021 The Cost Of Cybercrime Will Be $6 Trillion

The Internet is being used in similar ways that the oceans were employed for privateering, we are now seeing this repeated in cyber crime and cyber warfare. read more


Iran Denies It Has Suffered Attacks On Its Oil Production

Iran has denied that its oil infrastructure had been successfully attacked by a cyber operation, following reports of disruptions to the sector. read more


N. Korean Hackers Attacking Cash Machines In India

DTrack: Hackers with ties to North Korea have developed a new malware variation to steal data from cards inserted into ATM machines in India. read more


Cyber Security Experts Needed in Australia

As organisations around the build their defences against cyber threats, the demand for cyber experts in Australia has dramatically increased. read more

Rogue States Are Funding Stateless Hackers

Retired NSA Chief Adm. Mike Rogers says that cyber-attacks are more likely to come from criminals funded by US enemies than from the enemies themselves. read more

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Cyber Knowledge The Easy Way Ch.2

Cyber security expert Alfred Rolington explores the hidden parts of the internet, concealed from regular search engines, where criminality in all its forms is flourishing. The second installment is Free to View now. read more



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