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Newsletter October #2 2019

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The Future Of Cyber Security Is AI

A growing number of experts believe that Artificial intelligence will be at the forefront of the next wave of cybersecurity tools. They might be right. read more


60% Of Organisations Have Been Attacked - Some Don’t Even Know It

Hacked Off: Around 60% of global organisations have suffered a breach in the past three years. The rest feel like their turn is coming. read more


Employee Training Is Vital For Commercial Cybersecurity

Your employees are the strongest line of defense against cyber attacks. So you should make them better prepared by making sure they have good skills. read more


New US Cyber Attacks On Iran

Locked & Loaded: A repeat  of a recent covert cyber-attack on Iran by US Cyber Command is growing more likely as M. East conflicts escalate.  read more


Governments Urge Facebook To Create Backdoor Access To Encrypted Messages

The USA, United Kingdom and Australia are all asking Facebook to delay plans for end-to-end encryption across its messaging services. read more


Over 2 Million Magecart Detections

RiskIQ has detected explosive growth of Magecart payment card skimming code, affecting over 2 million websites, including 18,000 hosts that were directly breached. read more


Hackers Invade Routers To Steal Payment Card Details

IBM find evidence that hackers have created malicious scripts they can deploy on commercial-grade 'Layer 7' routers to steal payment card details. read more


The Strange Case Of The The Missing Crypto-Queen

Cryptocurreny: Fraud, theft and bankruptcy. Financial regulators are simply unable to keep up with the use and abuse of virtual currencies. read more


A Cyber Compliance Economy

As the IoT expands, companies are growing even more concerned with the question of corporate liability in case of cyber attacks. By Joao Paro  read more


Confidential Data On 24m Patients Found Exposed Online

Researchers found almost 600 medical archives freely accessible, containing 24.3 million data records from patients located in 52 countries. read more


Britain Is At Cyber War Every Day

Britain's top military commander thinks that the distinction between peace and war is eroding as the conflict between nations moves online. read more

Top Twitter Executive Is A British Soldier

The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is a reserve officer in a British Army psychological warfare unit. read more

Cyber Knowledge The Easy Way Ch.2

Cyber security expert Alfred Rolington explores the hidden parts of the internet, concealed from regular search engines, where criminality in all its forms is flourishing. The second installment is Free to View now. read more



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