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Newsletter October #5 2019

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Google Claims Quantum Supremacy

The race to build the world's first useful quantum computer is nearing its end. Google are claiming victory over IBM. Why is that important? read more


Facebook Sues Over Spyware Planted On WhatsApp

Facebook turns aggressive and has filed  legal action in California against the Israeli NSO Group for allegedly hacking WhatsApp. read more


Georgia Suffers A Nationwide Cyber Attack

The national TV station, justice system, thousands of websites including private companies, were knocked offline and replaced with a threatening message. read more


False Flag: Russian Hackers Hijack An Iranian Group

Russian hackers used Iranian cyber tools and digital infrastructure to attack government and industry groups in dozens of countries. read more


NCSC Stopped One Million Crimes

Britain's national cyber defence centre has thwarted more than one million cases of suspected payment card fraud in the last year. read more


UK Workforce Lacks Basic Cyber Training

Over 75%of British workers surveyed say they have not had even basic training in cyber security. Over 25% use one password for multiple accounts. read more


Protect Your Organisation From Employee Data Theft

Too few organisations pay attention to the risk that their own employees present to data security, be it by accident or by intention. read more


Happy Days Ahead For 5G Hackers

Fifth-generation mobile networks are going live with greatly improved latency & bandwidth.They also offer hackers greatly more potential for attack. read more


The Cyberthreat Handbook

Reading List: Thales and Verint have produced an analysis of the activities of approximately 60 major groups of cyber attackers throughout the world. read more


Cyber Insurance Will Reshape Cyber Security

Insurance firms with the best understanding of cyber security risk will spur businesses to take the actions needed to withstand attacks. read more


British Government Pays Chip Maker To Build Cyber Resilience

The UK is partnering with Arm to develop new chip technologies that are more resistant to cyber threats, backed by £36 million in funding. read more

The Next Industrial Revolution

A fusion of technologies is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. Its a revolution. read more  


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