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Newsletter September #3 2019

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Human Participation Lies Behind 99% Of Cyber Attacks

Only a tiny fraction of attacks target software and IT systems. The vast majority of cyber crime requires some level of human input to happen. read more


Cyber Jobs And Professional Training

Cyber security is a brilliant career path, whether you're technical or not. Find out what are the skills, experience and qualifications you'll need. read more


Using Blockchain Helps Secure Data Against Attacks

Strength In Numbers: To corrupt a blockchain, every system that processes it would have to be attacked, which could be thousands of systems. read more


Social Media Should Have Strict Privacy

Eighty percent of delegates attending Black Hat USA 2019 agree that more security and privacy laws are needed to protect social media users. read more


AI Delivered Healthcare Creates Serious Legal & Ethical Issues

Use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine raises concerns over privacy, discrimination, psychological harm & doctor-patient relationships. read more


A Virtual Geospatial Fence On Network Access

Protection of IT networks requires a multi-layered approach that incorporates user training and security technologies, including Geo-fencing. read more


10 Predictions For The IoT Future

It’s not just about computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones anymore. Now a multitude of devices are Internet-connected. What next? read more


US Power Grid Attack – No Harm Done. This Time

Hackers repeatedly attacked firewalls at multiple power generation sites operated by a "low-impact" operator but failed to cause any disruption. read more


AI - Driven Warfare Using Robots

Faster, more high-tech and less human than ever before. A new wave of artificially intelligent weapons are making their way to the battlefield. read more


EU Crackdown On Cyber Crime

A new European regime will provide potentially powerful sanctions against cyber-criminals, both the people and the organisations associated with them. read more

Smart Cities Call For Mobile Solutions

New app-based physical security intelligence & access control technology that helps to build secure smart cities, campuses and perimeters. read more

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SECURITY IT SUMMIT - London 5 November

A unique one-day event that allows senior IT & Cyber security professionals to meet with innovative and competitive suppliers to the industry. Free for IT & Cyber security buyers to attend. read more


Cyber Knowledge The Easy Way Ch.2

Cyber security expert Alfred Rolington explores the hidden parts of the internet, concealed from regular search engines, where criminality in all its forms is flourishing. The second installment is Free to View now. read more



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