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Newsletter September #4 2019

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Effective Cybersecurity Requires Both Cyber Training & Insurance Cover 

A Belt & Braces Approach: Organisations can't rely an a firewall to keep out criminals - it takes proper staff training reinforced with good cyber insurance. read more


Ecuador: A Nation Hacked

The personal data of every citizen of Ecuador has been leaked online in a catastrophic data breach exposing the critical details of 17m people. read more


US Sanctions N. Korean Hacking Groups

Three hacking groups stand accused of stealing possibly hundreds of millions of dollars from financial institutions around the world. read more


Thomas Cook Is A Cyber Collapse

The 150,000 holiday-makers stranded by the failure of Thomas Cook are at risk of a wave of online fraud as they make their way home. read more


Who’s Afraid of Huawei? 

Understanding 5G Security Concerns: Can the security risks of using the Chinese tech giant's leading  mobile network technology really be mitigated without forgoing the benefits? read more


5G Needs A New Generation Of Security

5G networks can deliver much more data and much faster, dramatically raising the stakes for ensuring the security & reliability of mobile communications. read more


Business Migration To The Cloud

Making the decision to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. The tools are different and large-scale migration is not something to be taken lightly. read more


Will Robots Be Allowed To Kill?

The advent of autonomous weapons demands the adoption of some form of agreed international legal restrictions on their use. By Alfred Rolington read more


Cyber Security Does Not Follow From Cyber Awareness

The Singapore Cyber Security Agency says that its not just a lack of awareness that renders organisations vulnerable, there is also complacency. read more


Attack On Ukraine's Power Grid Targeted Transmission Stations

Crash Override: The experts at Dragos have recreated the 2016 attack timeline which knocked out the power supply to Ukraine's capital city. read more


Smart Technology In The Cyber-Age

We are on the edge of a new ‘cyber’ space age. This is how we make it a success. By Kristof Terryn read more

The Technology Of Human Robotics

Mechanical people, nano-robots and the blurring of human identity are in prospect as the technology of robotics advances. read more

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Cyber Knowledge The Easy Way Ch.2

Cyber security expert Alfred Rolington explores the hidden parts of the internet, concealed from regular search engines, where criminality in all its forms is flourishing. The second installment is Free to View now. read more



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