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Newsletter 2020 April #1

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Hackers Are Exploiting Remote Workers

In the world of cybercrime, the restrictions on office work during the coronavirus emergency are being exploited as a new opportunity for fraud. read more


Stay Cyber-Secure Working From Home

People working from home are a lot more vulnerable than inside a secure office environment - Here is advice for workers and their employers. read more


AI Can Give An Early Warning Of Coronavirus

When applied to unstructured data, Artificial Intelligence is better at simulating disease spread than algorithms that rely on public health data. read more


Beware Spoofing Attacks

Spoofing Is No Joke: Eleven types of spoofing attack that every security professional should know about. By David Balabanread more


US  Risks A Catastrophic Cyber Attack

The US is “dangerously insecure in cyber,” and needs to take a series of actions to avert  attacks on critical infrastructure & financial services. read more


Rapid Deployment Of 5G Is A Headache

The transition to 5G increases both the speed and volume of data communication, but there are a number of important issues which are problematic. read more


The EU Power Grid Is Under Attack

The organisation responsible for coordinating EU electricity markets has disclosed its IT network has been compromised in a “cyber intrusion.” read more


AI Is Closing The Cyber Skills Gap

How far can machines go in supporting and enhancing cyber defence teams - Is it possible they will  supersede humans in cyber security? read more


New Guidelines For Maritime  Cyber Security

Cyber attacks on maritime freight may result in severe operational failures and new guidelines aim to contain threats from phishing emails & malware. read more


Phishing Scams: UK Tax Service Issues A Warning

The British Tax Service has been taking positive steps to reduce fake email scams, but incidents of text and 'phone based fraud are going up. read more


London’s National Gallery Hit With 2 Million Attacks

The art gallery, which attracts over five million visitors every year, was hit by an astonishing total of 1,875,250 email cyber-attacks in 2019. read more


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