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Newsletter 2020 April #2

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The Risks Of Remote Working

Enforced remote working during the Covid-19 lockdown leaves users especially vulnerable and now top APT- level hackers are getting involved. read more


IoT – Pandemics, Opportunities And Massive Data Risks

The Internet of Things transfers very large amounts of data without any human interaction and this data is difficult to process using traditional management tools. read more


An 'Infodemic' Of Phishing & Malware

Cybercriminals are taking advanatge of the COVID-19 pandemic to infect and scam users with coronavirus related  phishing emails. By David Balaban  read more


Zoom-Bombing Hijackers

FBI Warning: Incidents of unwanted guests intruding on video conferences for malicious purposes has significantly increased during the virus-enforced lockdown. read more


AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning… Whats The Difference?

There are several misconceptions related to these  concepts but they are quite different from each other - Here are some short definitions. read more


Cloud Has Become A Business Essential

Cloud Services is a robust industry that has quickly become mainstream, offering powerful capabilities once simply unavailable to smaller companies. read more


Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Training & Jobs

The emergence of AI and Automation pose a new set of opportunities and challenges for the nature of work and for workers themselves. read more


Universities That Teach Cyber Security Are At Risk

Leading universities in Britain and the US that teach and research Cyber Security are finding that they are themselves subject to a range of attacks. read more


Fighting Fake News With Cyber Intelligence

The EU and Canada are tracking a blizzard of fake news about the impact of the Coronavirus which originates from Russian and Chinese sources. read more


The US Has A New 5G Security Strategy

The US intends to protect its fifth-generation wireless infrastructure at home and overseas and President Trump has laid out his plan to do so. read more


Container Shipping Gets A Cyber Security Mandate

Detailed guidance is released to ship-owners and sea-going vessels to get them ready for new international maritime cyber security rules. read more

Wikileaks Alerted Hackers To CyberCom

US Cyber Command has accused Wikileaks of revealing its operational security methods that would assist malicious nation-state hacking groups. read more

Too Few Women In Tech Jobs

Being an InfoTech woman in a male-dominated industry has a variety of obstacles. Here are some best practices recommended by female developers. read more


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