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Newsletter 2020 April #4

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Lockdown: 'Normal' Crime Drops While Cyber Crime Jumps

The coronavirus lockdown has led to a 20% drop in traditional crime but remote-working  means people are much more vulnerable to online fraud. read more


How Coronavirus Helps Hackers Get Rich

Cybercrime’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak is a toxic cocktail of malware distribution and fraud to take advantage of our fears.  By David Balaban read more


Security Advice For Using Video Conference Tools

Remote working is moving some threats toward the top of the risk list. Here is some security advice  to keep your business cyber secure. read more


Pandemic Prevention Using Blockchain

Blockchain is increasingly being considered as a potentially powerful tool to assist with critical aspects of containing the coronavirus outbreak. read more


Big Tech Benefits From COVID-19

The global coronavirus crisis is turning into a golden time for big tech companies and they may emerge from the pandemic even stronger. read more


Quantum Computing, Hackers & The Internet of Things

Quantum computing is still in its development stage but the potential it has to enable interaction between humans and the IoT is uniquely powerful. read more


British Spies Looking For Private AI

MI5 says that it will be working more closely with the private sector in harnessing artificial intelligence to help tackle hostile state and terrorist activity. read more


Personal Data Of 115m Pakistanis For Sale

A massive data dump containing the personal information of 115 million Pakistani mobile phone users is for sale on the dark web. read more


Singapore Introduces Home Cyber Security Labelling

Singapore is one of the first countries to require labels on Wi-Fi routers, home hubs and other IoT devices to strengthen domestic cyber security. read more


Addressing Cyber Threats With Positive Action

Cyber criminals are getting much better, reaching a level of sophistication as good as some of the larger organisations that they are aiming to attack. read more


Business Needs To Lock Down Cyber Security

Many hard-pressed organisations may no longer be able to make cyber security an important priority during the COVID-19 driven recession. read more

Small Businesses Need Cyber Security Training

Small business were once an unlikely target for a sophisticated cyber-attack and relatively unlikely to attract the attention of hackers. Not anymore. read more


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