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Newsletter 2020 April #5

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Every Single Employee Requires Cyber Security Training

Businesses investing in cyber security often base their investments on technology, but fail to attend to the human side of the problem with effective training. read more


Ransomware Authors Go Beyond Malicious Encryption

Ransomware is mutating into a phenomenon with two-pronged extortion at its core, adding data theft to the threat of blackmail.  By David Balaban  readmore


Cyber Security Needs Workers Who Are 'Neuro Diverse'

British businesses find the most common reasons  cybersecurity jobs are ‘hard to fill’ is candidates lack technical know- how and 'neuro diversity'. read more


Cyber Criminals Exploit Lockdown Workers

Home-based WiFi networks and 4G connections for remote work don’t have anything like the resilience of corporate security technologies. read more


Why Is The Skills Shortage So Big?

Companies need to keep their critical data secure, but the growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals is making it difficult. Why is that? read more


Remote Working Is The New Normal

In ten years time we may look up from our remote individual places of work and remember 2020 as the year we last went into the office. read more


Millions of Facebook Profiles For Sale

The Dark Web has 267 million Facebook profiles with email, full name, last name, phone, Facebook ID, last connection, status & age for sale. read more


Google Reports 18m Coronavirus Scam Emails Every Day

Hackers are sending roughly 18 million hoax emails every day and the Covid-19 virus may now be the biggest phishing topic ever. read more


Q1 2020: Key Trends In Cyber Security

The worldwide response to Covid-19 is not the whole story for cyber security so far this year and there are some other significant emerging trends. read more


Massive Cost Savings With Effective Cyber Security

Cynapse calculate that UK business can save up to 40% of costs worth £1.3b, by shifting a proportion of their cybersecurity work to smaller, innovative firms. read more


Coronavirus Is Good For Online Business

Amazon is creating 75,000 new jobs to deal with with the big surge in its online retail business driven by the Coronavirus lockdown. read more

Increased Cyber Threats From North Korea

US security agencies are warning Financial institutions they could soon be attacked by a fresh wave of North Korean state-sponsored hackers. read more


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