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Newsletter 2020 August #1

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The Costs Of A Data Breach

The total cost of a data breach to a major business has reached a whopping $3.9m. It's not just money - reputation, credibility and trust are all at stake. read more


Unicorn Hacked By ShinyHunters

The innovative digital bank Dave has suffered a major data breach, exposing the personal information of its 7 million users in hacker forums. read more


China's Surveillance State Technology Extends Beyond Its Borders

The Chinese state is widely using sophisticated surveillance tools not only to track its own citizens, but to exert power beyond its borders by espionage and theft. read more


Women In Cyber Security Are Paid Much Less Than Men

There is still a shortage of women in the global cyber security workforce - not least because they are paid 21% less than men doing the same job. read more


The Cyber Security Threat From Employees

Human errors are the leading cause of data and other security breaches and are not predicable, whereas computers and technology are predictable. read more


Hackers Breach Cisco Security Network

Cisco reveals a severe flaw in its network security software allowing remote, unauthenticated attackers to access sensitive data. read more


Cyber Security – Not Just For Data Protection

Hackers are increasingly targeting physical devices and there is new  technology under development will make digital chips more resilient. read more


Reducing Exposure To Cyber Attack

Strengthening your organisation's defences is about reducing the attack surface and eliminating insider errors, making it much harder to break in. read more


Secret Brexit Documents Hacked By Russians

Russian hackers stole classified documents relating to US / UK post-Brexit trade talks, which were then used in the 2019 General Election. read more


European Union Sanctions Cyber Attackers

The EU imposes sanctions on targeted individuals and entities from Russia, China and North Korea in a sign that it is taking cyber warfare seriously. read more


Hollywood Site Leaks Personal Data Of  260,000

ActorsThe information exposed includes full profiles of over 260,000 users along with very sensitive personal information and access to photographs. read more

#BLM Targeted By Racist Cyber Attacks

Black Lives Matter is at the centre of a national conversation about race, racism, and policing, making it a special target for hackers and trolls. read more


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