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Newsletter 2020 August #4

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Cyber Security Industry Growth Rate Will Reduce

With customer budgets under pressure from the Covid-19 epidemic, reduced demand for cyber security products and services is widely predicted. read more


Cyber Crime Is Growing Very Fast Due To Coronavirus

An Interpol assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on cyber crime shows a significant change of focus towards business and major corporations. read more


AI Helps Organisations Resist Cyber Crime

Attacks are growing in volume and complexity all the time and AI is helping under-resourced cyber security teams stay ahead of threats. read more


A Very Personal Hacking Attack

Recently, a US Woman was hacked and her personal data held to ransom. She contacted us to tell her story and agreed that we tell it to you here. read more


Creating Post-Modern Intelligence

The Internet is creating a global collaboration that is entirely changing the way that we view social connections and national borders. By Alfred Rolingon read more


Remote Working Has Real Cyber Security Risks

Remote workers are highly vulnerable to cyber criminals during lockdown, but this could be just the push needed to transform cyber security. read more


TikTok Threatens Legal Action Against US Ban

The US claims that the wildly popular social media platform TikTok could pass data about its 100m american users to the Chinese government. read more


Industrial Robots Are Not Safe From Cyber Attack

Similar to remote working humans, when they are incorrectly set up and poorly secured, industrial robots can be a source of major security issues. read more


Satellite Communications Need Protection

If hackers can intercept a satellite's signals, it is possible that they can invade an organisation’s entire network by infiltrating its ground station. read more


Advanced AI For Cyber Operations

US defense research agencies want “autonomous software agents” capable of countering targeted network attacks and large-scale malware campaigns. read more


Hackers Attack Israel’s Defence Sector

Suspected N.Korean hackers use LinkedIn to deliver fake job offers, aiming to infiltrate defense networks and steal sensitive security information. read more

Utah University Pays Half Million Dollar Ransom Demand

The University restored stolen data from backups but agreed to pay the ransom when the  criminals threatened to release sensitive data online. read more


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