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Newsletter 2020 December #2

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Hackers Target Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Chain

Hackers have been trying to compromise the computer systems of employees in organisations involved in the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. read more


40% of SME Employees Think They Will Be Blamed

Data Breaches: A survey of office workers exposes the limited effectiveness of small business cyber security and the need for better employee awareness & training. read more


We Live In A Transient Internet

The Internet's capacity for privacy has dissolved with the arrival of social media, but some say the loss of anonymity might not be such a bad thing. read more


Facebook Fights Fake News - Badly

Despite Facebook's best efforts, its critics say that the social media giant has been completely ineffective in dealing with waves of misinformation. read more


SSL Encryption For Big Data Security In Cloud Computing

The growing trend to outsource storage of critical data to the Cloud has many advantages and SSL security protocols can ensure that the data is secure. read more


The Cause Of Amazon’s Cloud Outage

Poor configuration in one AWS data centre spilled over to affect numerous large Amazon corporate customers, knocking cloud based services offline. read more


Maritime Cyber Security Goes Critical

The maritime shipping industry is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attackers seeking to exploit weaknesses in their interconnected systems. read more


A Christmas Warning For Online Shoppers

Due to Coronavirus, many more people will be doing their Christmas shopping online and that means even more opportunities for cyber criminals. read more


Russian Hackers Lured With Honeypots

NATO is using deception methods against nation-state hackers, who, believing their intrusions to be successful, are actually exposed to surveillance and analysis. read more


In The Age of Risk Cyber Security Is A Top Concern

A leading insurance CEO says that Cyber Security is the most pressing risk exposure for business, more than the Coronavirus and climate change. read more


Orca Security Wants To Streamline Cloud Computing

Orca Security's technology monitors operations to rapidly produce accurate critical information on security issues, in compliance with major cloud platforms. read more

Delaware Pays $500,000 Ransom

DoppelPaymer: Pennsylvania’s Delaware County is the latest US local government administration to fall victim to a costly ransomware attack. read more


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