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Newsletter 2020 December #4

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Major Cyber Attack On US Government Agencies Blamed On Russia

Secretary of State Pompeo has blamed Russia for what is being described as the worst ever cyber espionage attack on the US government. read more


Is This The Hack Of The Decade?

Microsoft was hacked in the campaign against multiple US government agencies that took advantage of weaponised SolarWinds software. read more


The End Of The American Cyber Empire

Russia has accomplished the goal of undermining the entire low intensity conflict “battlefield” of the American cyber system. By Ronald Marks read more


The SolarWinds Hack Can Directly Affect Industrial Control Systems

Sophisticated Russian hackers compromised SolarWinds' Orion platform, taking over control of  IT infrastrucure & industrial control systems. read more


The Impact Of Brexit On British Cyber Security

The United Kingdom and the European Union have finally delivered a Brexit trade deal, but what does this mean for British cyber security? read more


Business Cyber Security Spending In 2021

Although more exposed than ever, PWC say that 25% of organisations are actually planning to downsize their cyber budgets in the forthcoming 12 months. read more


You Should Prepare Your Organization For A DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks are very serious and are becoming even more costly. If you’re running a business, you have to know how to prepare for them. read more


Advanced Threat Detection And Response: Critical Steps

In every organisation it’s now critical to implement effective threat detection systems and respond to potential danger promptly. read more


The Different Types of Malware

Business owners must be aware of the implications of different types of malware and how to protect their company. By Ashley Lukehart read more


The Impact of Covid-19 On Cyber Security Threats

The coronavirus pandemic of late 2019 and 2020 has changed the way some businesses will operate forever. read more


Closing The Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Two Easy Steps

Although it seems a big challenge, closing the cyber security skills gap  can be conducted with  only two simple steps. read more

Plans To Divide US Cyber Command And The NSA

Outgoing Pentagon officials are seeking fast-track  approval to divide the leadership of the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command. read more

Tech Support Scams Steal Millions

Criminals are cold calling victims, pretending to be from reputable ISPs, claiming that the victim has a problem with their computer or internet. read more


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