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Newsletter 2020 February #1

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Looking For A Career In Cybersecurity?This is the right place! Our 4,000-plus Directory of Suppliers lists Job sites and Recruitment companies specialising in Cybersecurity talent acquisition, job placements and career development. read more 


Preparing Your Employees & Business Systems For A Cyber Attack

With regular training and a few key process implementations, you can keep your company and your people from becoming a hacking statistic. read more


Top Cyber Threats For Business In 2020

As organisations continue to grow their digital infrastructure they fall in danger of expanding their attack surface too far to adequately protect themselves. read more


Facial Recognition: A Three Billion Image Database

AI technology developed by Clearview allows the identification of anyone it images who has a presence online, not just on a crime database. read more


Mandatory IoT Security In Britain

The UK government has unveiled a new IoT law to prohibit the sale of smart consumer products that fail to meet three strict security requirements. read more


Facebook Crime In Britain Rises 19%

The total number of Facebook-related crimes reported by UK police forces was 32,451 in 2019- 2020, an increase of 19% over the previous year. read more


Amazon Prime Scam Cost Victims £1m

An automated call leads to a scammer trying to plant malware and take control of the victim's device to extract vital financial information. read more


Wawa Breach - Data On 30m Card Users For Sale

Card details of more than 30 million cutomers have been stolen in a data breach at US retailer Wawa and are now up for sale on the Dark Web. read more


Email Malware Targeting US Senators & Military

A powerful email malware known as Emotet that is primarily spread through spam emails is being used to target US government & military systems. read more


Smart Cities Will Soon Be Under Attack

The concept of Smart Cities is characterised by pervasive data collection and constant authentication, reliant upon giant surveillance systems which are highly vulnerable. read more


Industry 4.0 - Changing How We Live

Few areas of our lives wil remain untouched by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is changing how we personally engage, relate and work. read more


The Worst Corporate Hacks In 2019 Could Have Been Prevented

Large amounts of user information, secured  databases, emails & private data got stolen and  exposed last year. It need not have happened. read more

President Putin Addresses The Russian Tech Gap

Russia is embarking on a plan to modernise its economy with a new focus on technological innovation, starting with Artificial Intelligence. read more


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