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Newsletter 2020 February #2

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Fake News Uses Coronavirus To Spread Malware

Cybercriminals are using fake email messages about coronavirus Covid-19 to spread the destructive Emotet Trojan, along with other malware. read more


Massive Growth In Britain's Cyber Security Sector

British Cyber Business Is Booming: UK cyber revenues are up 46% from £5.7bn in 2017 and with £1.1bn invested, the industry is now worth £8.3bn. read more


Is The Widespread  Suspicion Of Huawei Justified?

British MPs are opposing the decision to allow untrusted Huawei access to national 5G infrastructure, whilst China insists it has nothing to do with them. read more


What Is The Fuss About 5G?

The next generation of mobile Internet connection does offer much faster data download and upload speeds. But there is much more to it than that. read more


Spies Really Like Artificial Intelligence

US spy agencies are able to reach analytical conclusions much faster using new AI techniques, including  instantaneous translation, speech recognition and data collection. read more


Saudi Aramco Under Repeated Attack

The giant oil business is experiencing a sharp increase in cyber attacks, includng the powerful Emotet malware, which it claims it has foiled so far. read more


A Big Cyber Attack Hits Iran

Digital Fortress: Internet connectivity in Iran dropped to 75% following a 'powerful' DDoS attack that targeted Iran's national telecom services. read more


Attack Vectors Are Proliferating

The range of threat vectors facing organisations is growing fast and inceasing connectivity broadens the potential attack surface, for everyone and everything. read more


Market Growth Leads To Better Job Opportunities

Cybersecurity firms are having more trouble attracting and keeping skilled workers to help protect networks as the Skills Shortage grows. read more


US Government Cyber Security Still Needs Work

The US State Department has consistently failed to secure its IT systems from cyber attacks, reflecting a general mismanagement of resources. read more

The Geopolitics Of Cybersecurity

Reading List: The technological transformation emerging from cyberspace is like nothing else before. Dr. Jayshree Pandya looks at the issues. read more

Faster Digital Forensic Analysis

Examining seized devices for incriminating evidence is a time-consuming process. A new set of speedy digital forensic tools will change all that. read more


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