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Newsletter 2020 February #3

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GDPR's Impact In The US And Globally

Outside of the European Union you might  think that it doesn’t apply to you, but GDPR affects organisations and businesses worldwide. read more


Top Australian Spy Condemns Britain's Huawei Decision

The outgoing Head of the Australian Signals Directorate spy agency says that Britain is mistaken to think it can trust Huawei's 5G network. read more


Cyber Attacks On Banks Could Trigger A Financial Crisis

The head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, is warning that a combined cyber-attack on major banks could trigger economic instability. read more


Cyber Incidents Jump Up The Risk Index

Insurance giant Allianz now ranks cyber incidents as the most important business risk globally, ahead of both business interruption & climate change. read more


British CEOs Worry About Cyber Attacks, While Their Businesses Are Under-Insured

Surveys suggest that cyber threats are top of the most pressing risks facing UK businesses leaders, yet less than 20% have a cyber insurance policy. read more


Counting The Ways That AI Can Boost Business

Business leaders are growing more enthusiastic about using  Artificial Intelligence to increase the speed and capabilities of their enterprise. read more


Some Expert Predictions For Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial control systems are becoming increasingly connected. They are also becoming increasingly vulnerable. Business must get ready. read more


Poor Cyber Resilience In Aviation

Only 3 out of 100 of the world's largest airports are secure against cyber security risks like vulnerable data and misconfigured applications. read more


Fake News And The 2020 Presidential Election

American voters report a high level of concern about how secure the 2020 Presidential election will be and worry about the perils of disinformation. read more


The Human Effect On AI Security

Although innovations in Artificial Intelligence are transforming cybersecurity, the key high level aspects remain essentially human. read more


It Was The Chinese Army That Hacked Equifax

The Justice Dept. has charged four Chinese army officers for the attack on Equifax that stole the personal information of 145 million US citizens. read more

Labour Party Risks £15m Fine For Not protecting Members' DataAccusations of dirty tricks are flying in the British Labour Party leadership contest as competing factions claim illegal access to membership data. read more

New York Launches $100m Cyber Security HubThe $100 million partnership, including a $30 million contribution from NYC, will focus on companies working in the cyber technology sector. read more


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