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Newsletter 2020 February #4

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Organisations Are Adopting AI For Cyber Security

Over 70% of organisations are currently testing use cases for cyber security driven by Artificial Intelligence across a wide range of applications. read more


Cyber Security Salaries Rise As IT Breaches Increase

In The Money: The UK technology industry surged in 2019 and many cyber security experts have received significant pay increases. read more


The New Wave Of Attack Vectors

Be Prepared: As cyber attacks grow constantly more sophisticated, top industry experts describe the latest wave of attack vectors to look out for. read more


The Cloud Is Beginning To Attract Criminal Extortion

Mistakes made while setting up cloud permissions and policies create weak spots that attackers can exploit to deliver ransomware. read more


Trends In Cyber Security Technology

Security teams struggle to make sense of a flood of data  while simultaneously prioritising and responding to alerts. They need a lot more help. read more


Sustained Cyber Attacks Are The New Normal

Some businesses are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ of sustained cyberattacks, but  there is much more to be done to protect your organisation. read more


Cyber Security Warnings For The Big US 2020 Election

Security experts warn that government agencies are under unprecedented attack and that hackers are very likely to focus on the forthcoming US Presidential election. read more


Canada's Government Breaks The Rules

Numerous federal departments and national  agencies have been mishandling the personal data of thousands of Canadian citizens. read more


Russia Denies That It Attacked Georgia

Georgia says that Russian military intelligence has launched a massive cyber-attack on their government and business organisations. read more


Charming Kittens: Phishing Emails From Iran

Iran-linked hackers called "Charming Kitten" are targeting journalists & human rights campaigners by attempting to take over their email accounts. read more

Hamas Hackers Use New Malware

Hamas, the Islamist political group that runs Gaza, are using new high-tech malware in campaigns against the local Palestinian Authority. read more


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