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Newsletter 2020 January #1

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Cyber Spying For A Future War

Exposed: New information & communications technologies will profoundly affect how wars are waged. Powerful states and non-state actors alike will soon be able to track military operations, detecting their actions in real time. read more


Iran's Cyberwar Response To Its General's Killing

Military and cybersecurity analysts are warning that Iran's response could include, among other possibilities, a wave of disruptive cyberattacks. read more  Breaking: Missile attack


Cyber Criminals Demand Ransom From Travelex

Hackers are holding foreign exchange company Travelex to ransom after a cyber-attack forced the firm to turn off all computer systems for 4 days. read more


Top 20 Cyber Security Companies At The Start Of 2020

Here are 20 of the best cybersecurity companies: With different approaches, from mavericks to major brands, some known for very different types of solution. read more


Few Businesses Are Ready For California’s New Data Privacy Law

The California Consumer Privacy Act has been effective since January 1st 2020, although it doesn’t look like everyone there is quite ready. read more


The Invisible Areas Of The World Wide Web

After more than 20 years of online access the Internet is still in the early evolutionary stages. Some parts of it are visible and others remain hidden from sight. read more


Ten Predictions For Smart Cities

With $80 billion already invested, we can expect fewer IoT projects, more citizen input and a lot more communication between cars and infrastructure. read more


N.Korean Hackers Are Working With European Criminals

There is growing evidence that cyber criminals in Eastern Europe and skilled state-backed spies in North Korea are finding ways to work together. read more


Wanted: International Cyber Standards

US military chiefs and EU political leaders can agree on one thing. That a lack of uniform international standards for cyberspace is a big problem. read more


Warning: Smart TVs Are The IoT Gateway Into Your Home

The FBI say that Smart TV and other IoT devices can used by criminals to hack into your home computer network to rob you and spy on your family. read more


Cyber Attacks On Africa Are Soaring

Africa is widely considered the lowest ranked continent for cyber security, with the consequence of attracting a growing range of cyber threats. read more

The US Is Bombarded With Ransomware

In 2019 the US was hit by an unprecedented and unrelenting barrage of ransomware attacks at an estimated cost in excess of $7.5 billion. read more

Criminals Are Using AI For Attacks

AI is rapidly finding applications in nearly every walk of life and cyber criminals are focusing on manipulating AI systems for malicious purposes. read more


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