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Newsletter 2020 January #2

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2020: Top Issues In Cyber Security

Cyber Security in 2020 will be defined by increasing connectivity: Business leaders and decision-makers need to start thinking hard about how they are going to handle  the risks. read more


The Cyber Security Employment Outlook In 2020

The demand for Cyber Security people of all skill levels continues to climb and there has never been a better time to start on this career path. read more


Unintended Consequences: Iran Destroys Ukrainian Passenger Jet

Iran's Cyberwar Effort: Some minor cyber attacks on US websites, a largely harmless missile strike and 167 innocent people killed by 'mistake'. read more


Iranian Hackers Attack The US, Not Very Effectively

US Homeland Security has issued an advisory notice warning public & private sector organisations of increased cyber attacks from Iran. read more


Disconnected: Russia Tests Its Own Internet

Russia has successfully tested a country-wide alternative to the global Internet, restricting the points connecting its network to the rest the world. read more


North Korean Hackers Specialise In Financial Theft

N. Korean hacking groups have been stealing $billions using fake financial services companies to defraud banks and cryptocurrency exchanges. read more


Online Bank Fraud Is Up 40% In The UK

Online fraud in Britain is increasing and criminals are using sophisticated hacking methods to access their victims's financial information and passwords. read more


Cyber Security’s New Workforce

The worldwide cyber security workforce shortage is soon going to reach a crisis point and while the US has developed a network of rigorous training programs the overall picture is really bad. read more


Artificial & Augmented Intelligence Is Re-Making Banking

Financial services businesses are investing heavily in AI to produce ground-breaking changes and a rise in customer-centricity is going to be the foremost priority. read more


Artificial Intelligence &  Automation Impact On Legal Jobs

Artificial Intelligence is changing the practice of law and the principal outcome is focused on amplifying human decision-making, rather than replacing it. read more


Ireland’s Cyber Strategy

A cyberattack on any one of the tech giants based in Ireland could have an “immediate” impact across the EU, according to the governments's new national cyber strategy. read more


Austria's Foreign Ministry Hit By A Big Attack

Fancy Bear At Work: The Austrian government has been hit by a cyber attack that is believed to be the work of another country. Who would do that? read more

British National Cyber Security Chief Steps Down

Ciaran Martin will leave the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the summer, almost four years after founding the organisation. read more


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