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Newsletter 2020 January #3

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Five Risks That Will Define Cyber Security In 2020

2019 was a bad year for data security and there is no indication that 2020 will be any better. Here are five risks that endanger company data this year. read more


Why An Effective Security Culture Is Essential For Your Organisation

With data breaches spiralling out of control, it’s time organisations changed their approach to fighting information security threats. By Luke Irwin  read more


Can A 5G Network Really Be Secure?

Governments in Australia, Britain and Germany are in difficulty over the choice of technology suppliers to establish their national 5G networks. read more


The Scope Of A Cyber Security Audit

A false sense of security is prevalent across many organisations and is one of the major reasons why cyber criminals continue to be so successful. read more


The British Cyber Command

The National Cyber Force will be the first organisation in Britain dedicated solely to offensive action against foreign adversaries. read more


China Will Dominate Blockchain

Blockchain is entering a pivotal year in 2020 and China plans on being a dominant influence in adoption of the technology worldwide. read more


New York’s Albany Airport Pays Ransom

Albany County Airport Authority has given in and paid the ransom demanded to release its systems from a crippling Sodinokibi malware attack. read more


Travelex Ransom Demand Is Doubled

Pay Us £6m: Hackers double down on their ransom demand to restart the financial services business' systems as the shutdown enters a third week. read more


Securing Smart Cities Using AI

Billions of Internet-connected devices and the introduction of 5G are transforming the way cities look after their citizens. But they remain vulnerable. read more


Smart Cities Already Exist

A 'smart city' is a framework for living that is totally connected to the Internet, with the infrastructure dependent on remaining connected. They are here now. read more


AI Satellite Image Analysis Will Be Regulated

Satellite imaging and intelligence gathering programs are being taken to an entirely new level by the introduction of AI-driven technology and now the US government wants to control access. read more

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Cyber Security

AI applications can enable organisations to detect, prevent or react to emerging cyber threats more promptly and more effectively than ever before. read more

5G Will Reduce Car Accidents

Connected car systems with 5G will enable data sharing to improve the effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems and to save lives. read more


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