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Newsletter 2020 January #4

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Britain Allows Huawei 5G Network Access Against US Advice

The UK Government has decided to give the contoversial Chinese telecoms company a significant role in building the UK’s 5G mobile and data network. read more


Protecting Children In The Digital Age

The British Information Commissioner’s Office has announced 15 new standards for online services to apply in order to protect children’s privacy. read more


Electric Grids Are Targeted For Cyber Attacks

Some of the world's most dangerous hackers have zeroed in on the US power sector and the risk of a destructive attack is going up. read more


Cyber Command Is A Powerful Tool Of Foreign Policy

The Trump administration is being quite open about its use of cyber weapons to influence, deter and punish other nation states. read more


Cyber Command Hacked ISIS For 4 Years

US Cyber Command operations to disrupt ISIS online networks which began in 2106 were largely successful, but there were significant shortcomings. read more


Cyber Stocks Soaring From Conflict With Iran

HACK: The share price performance of those leading cyber security companies with a stock market listing is benefiting from cyberwar. read more


Cyber Crime Costs Britain $27 Billion

Encouraging companies in all sectors to make investments in improved cyber security will reduce the economic impact of cybercrime on the UK. read more


Bigger Budgets For Cyber Security In 2020

Let’s find out if your company is spending enough on its cyber security budget. What are the key issues that you should consider?  By Claudia Jeffrey read more


GDPR Data Breach Notifications & Fines Are Increasing

Over 160,000 data-breach notifications have been made since GDPR came into force, fines of €114m have been imposed and the trend is clearly rising. read more


Greece And Turkey In Conflict

Greek government websites, including the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  have been knocked offline and a Turkish hacking group has claimed responsibilty. read more


Travelex Is Slowly Recovering From Ransomware Attack

Travelex has restored some of its systems after a crippling malware attack, but is declining to say if it has paid the hackers a ransom. read more

How To Develop A Cyber Security Practice

The potential business opportunity from rising compliance requirements and security threats is hard to ignore. Here are some recommendations. read more

Publishers Spread Fake News

Social media platforms amplify controversy and news outlets have a special responsibility to control & remove Fake News. read more


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