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Newsletter 2020 July #4

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Cyber Warfare, Intelligence & Malware

Spies Are Redundant: Digital disruption is sweeping through the world of espionage and is fundamentally changing the ways that intelligence is gathered and evaluated. read more


The British Government 'badly underestimated' Russian Political Interference

Social Media Is Key: A critical official Parliamentary Report says that  the UK government made no effort to investigate Russian interference in its democratic processes. read more


Russian Hackers At Work Stealing Coronavirus Vaccine Data

Russia stands accused of directing its elite hackers to breach research labs and steal vital data in the search for a Coronaviris vaccine. read more


High Profile Twitter Users Hacked

Twitter accounts of major companies and individuals were attacked by hackers in one of the most widespread breaches the platform has ever seen. read more


The Impact Of  The Pandemic On Business Cyber Security

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way the world operates. Not least, by introducing significant limitations on where and how we work. read more


The Growing Cyber Threat To Renewable Energy

Recent cyber attacks on global renewable energy businesses have underlined the scale and nature of this previously under-reported threat. read more


Blockchain - A Simple Idea With Complications

The basic idea is simple. It decentralises the storage of data so it cannot be controlled and manipulated by just one central user. So what? read more


Security Risks of Contactless Payment

Consumers are driving the push towards contactless payment, but like any technology, it comes with mobile security and data privacy risks. read more


North Korean Hackers Have Stolen $2billion

North Korea has stolen $2 billion from financial organisations and crypto-currency exchanges in a global campaign of hacking, fraud and deception. read more


Malware Found In Chinese Banking Software

Discovered: Malware embedded in tax software that Chinese banks require corporations to install to conduct business operations in China. read more


Australia To Spend Another A$1billion On Cyber Security

Australia has announced a massive cyber security investment to combat a wave of 'unattributed' and damaging cyber-attacks. read more

Confirmed: US Cyber Attack On Russia In 2018

President Trump says the US conducted a covert cyber attack against Russia's Internet Research Agency during the 2018 midterm elections. read more

Hackers Targeting Turkey & Syria With Spyware

Watering hole attacks against the Kurdish community in Syria and Turkey for intelligence exfiltration purposes are using new tools & tactics. read more


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