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Newsletter 2020 June #2

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Coronavirus Tracing Apps Conflict With Privacy

Smartphone apps designed to trace people at risk of Covid-19 also have the potential for use as surveillance and spying tools for governments. read more


Covid-19 Is Working Well For Criminals

The impact of the Coronavirus is so good for the cybercrime economy that it is reshaping the way that business is done on the Dark Web. read more


Ban On Semiconductor Exports To China Hits Huawei Hard

The British government is expected to conclude that US export controls preventing semiconductor exports to China will stop Huawei supplying 5G equipment. read more


Honda Suffers A Major  Attack

Automotive giant Honda is experiencing a company-wide network outage that is suspected to have been caused by a ransomware attack. read more


Chinese Hackers Attacked EasyJet

The recent cyber attack that struck British airline EasyJet is thought have been carried out by Chinese hackers for espionage, not fraud. read more


Artificial Intelligence Takes Microsoft Jobs

Microsoft is firing 27 journalists to replace them with an AI, fueling the debate over whether the technology is a job creator or a destroyer. read more


Britain Turns To AI To Counter Espionage

Cyber security threats require a speed of response far greater than humans are capable of and the spies at GCHQ want to use Artificial Intelligence to do the job. read more


Hackers Targeting Both Trump & Biden Presidential Campaigns

Foreign hackers have targeted the email accounts of staff working on both of the US 2020 Presidential campaigns, say Google threat analysts. read more


The History Of The Internet And Its Possible Future

A method for sharing scientific data became a disruptive force that will transform all aspects of Industry, the Economy and Human behaviour  read more


Taiwan's Entire Population Database Stolen

It is very unusual for an entire nation’s database to be leaked, but the secret details of 20m Taiwanese citizens have appeared for sale on the Dark Web. read more


Stanford Offers The Best  Cyber Security Degree

The cyber security degree offered by Stanford University has been ranked the best in the United States, according to the latest survey. read more

Hacked Russian Vehicle Owner Database For Sale

A database with 129 million records of Russian car owners, thought to be hacked from the Moscow Police force, is for sale on cybercrime forums. read more


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