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Newsletter 2020 June #3

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Your Phone Is Spying On You

Forget about the privacy of Coronavirus tracing Apps. Your new mobile phone comes from the factory with pre-installed spyware straight out of the box.. read more


Google Faces Lawsuit For Tracking Users In Privacy Mode

Google gathers data through Google Analytics, Ad Manager, smartphone apps and numerous other applications, even after users think they have gone into private mode. read more


Hackers Are Targeting Coronavirus Virus Research

State-backed cyber attackers are trying to steal data from universities, pharmaceutical firms and research institutes involved in coronavirus vaccine research. read more


Managing Your Cyber Security, Detection & Response

Data has become a new currency and managing detection and response to IT systems threats is now critical, especially for non-technical senior managers. read more


The Leading AI Cyber Security Firms

More cyber security companies are using Artificial Intelligence to implement cutting edge enterprise solutions. Our two part Special Report identifies some of the best. (£). read more


Facebook Criticised For Workplace Suppression Controls

Facebook's Workplace is a useful office collaboration product which also includes some  powerful tools for employers to monitor and control discussions in the workplace. read more


Attacks On Anti-Racism Sites Surge

Anti-racism groups across the US  have experienced a large increase in DDoS attacks in the past few weeks, from near-zero to over 120 million blocked requests. read more


The British Army Has A New Cyberwar Regiment

The new signals unit will provide ‘digital armour’ to give commanders and their soldiers the ability to operate with confidence that they have  secure communications systems. read more


Nuclear Missile Contractor Hacked

Hackers have stolen confidential documents from a US firm which provides critical support for the country's Minuteman III nuclear missile deterrent. read more


Five Ways Automation Can Help Fix The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Five Step Program: Automated assistance can help to address the acute skills shortage in cyber security.  By Devin Partida  read more


Popular Types Of Phishing Emails

There was a 670% spike in email phishing attacks in March and the best way to guard against phishing scams is early detection. read more

Vehicle Cyber Crime Attacks Double

Hackers can manipulate vehicles through shared information protocols and cyber attacks on connected cars have grown 99% in the last year. read more

Maritime Cyber Attacks Quadruple

Ageing shipping infrastructure, complex supply chains and the effects of lockdown are combining to make the shipping industry highly vulnerable. read more

Journalist Convicted of Cyber Libel

A charge of 'Cyber Libel' has been used by the Philippine Government to convict a journalist under legislation designed to control pornography. read more


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