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Newsletter 2020 June #4

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The Future Of Ransomware Is In The Cloud

Ransomware has become a multibillion dollar industry for cyber criminals, who are just staring to focus on the fast-growing Cloud computing sector. read more


Australia Assaulted By Severe State-Backed Cyber Attacks

Australia has not directly accused China and yet the scale, the nature of the targeting and the signature methods used are those of a sophisticated nation-state actor - all pointing one direction. read more


Using AI In Cyber Security

Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools are becoming absolutely critical for the purposes of detecting and effectively combating cyber attacks. read more


The Leading AI Cyber Security Firms

More cyber security companies are using Artificial Intelligence to implement cutting edge enterprise solutions. Our two part Special Report identifies some of the best. (£)read more


Cyber Threats Are The Top Insurance Risk

Cyber crime is established as a leading threat to business and the Insurance industry has become focused on the potentially huge losses arising from ransomware. read more


Some Employees Think They Can Dodge Cyber Security

The serious damage that data breaches can cause is encouraging many businesses to re-examine their cybersecurity policies and attempt to change employee behaviour. read more


PIN Authentication Significantly Reduces Cyber Attacks & Data Breaches 

MIRACL replaces insecure passwords, complex 2FA and SMS texts  with a simple PIN, blocking 99% of attacks on both enterprise and B2C accounts. (Featured Editorial)  read more


Blame The Boss For Cyber Attacks

More than a third of British consumers surveyed said they would think of the business leader as personally responsible if that business were to suffer a data breach. read more


Inside The Deep & The Dark Web

The Deep Web and the Dark Web are inaccessible and widely misunderstood, although they are not the same thing. What is really going on there? read more


Twitter Is Trying To Control Propaganda

The social media giant has removed tens of thousands of "state linked" accounts that it has identified as used by China, Russia and Turkey to promote fake news. read more


Is AI A Benefit Or A Potential Threat?

As Artificial Intelligence grows more sophisticated, concerns about  the challenges its widespread use presents to humans are growing. read more

Beware Trojan Mobile Banking Apps

The FBI advises users to exercise extreme caution when downloading banking Apps to mobile devices, as they could hide 'malicious intent'. read more

Fake Qantas Facebook Page Promises Free Flights

Qantas has been at the centre of a scam on Facebook after free first class flights were offered on a fake account on the social network. read more


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