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Newsletter 2020 March #1

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Cyber Crime Is Over 50% Of All Reported Crime

Cyber crime is running rampant and Police and other law enforcement agencies often do not to pursue online criminals, or have the resources to do so. read more


The Cyber Skills Gap Increases

A Five Step Program: The cyber skills shortage has an impact on every organisation's ability to respond to and exploit technological innovation.  read more


Pope Speaks Out On The Ethics Of AI

The Vatican, the European Union and some of the most important technology companies agree that Artificial Intelligence needs an ethical dimension. read more


Japan Approves Home Grown 5G

Japan intends to accelerate the development of  5G networks and will give financial support to the local companies building this important new technology. read more


Where Is Iran's Cyber Response To It's General's Assassination?

Iran's threatened response to the US killing of their top military leader has yes to materialise, although their state- sponsored hackers are keeping busy. read more


Facebook Scams Offer Fake Money To Steal Personal Data

Facebook is a prime vehicle for hackers to seek out unsuspecting users with various online scams to get them to disclose confidential information. read more


The New Battlefield

The nature of warfare is changing fast and the risk is moving from physical disruption to a much more complex  and unpredictable cyber environment. read more


McLaren F1 Racing Are Cyber Secure With Darktrace

The McLaren F1 racing team will use AI-driven cyber security technology from Darktrace to monitor on-board IoT via its cloud-based backend. read more


Mexico’s Economy Ministry Falls Under Attack

Following damaging attacks on the banking system and the oil industry, the Mexican Government now finds itself a target for hackers. read more


A Charity Robbed Of £1m By Email Fraud

A UK housing charity has said it is “frustrated and angry” after being targeted by online cybercriminals and losing nearly £1million. read more


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