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Newsletter 2020 March #2

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Cyber Security Strategy In The Digital Age

The security posture of a company is now just as important to the CEO as it is to the CISO. Business leaders must embrace this reality.  read more


90% Of Breaches Are Caused By Human Error

Analysis of data from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office shows that human error caused 90% of data breaches last year.  read more


The Global Cyber Security Market Will Be Worth $280b By 2027

The cyber security market is booming: The cyber hotspot continues to attract founders and investors alike, with 300+ new startups launching every year. read more


Chinese Hackers Go After Gambling Websites

A new Chinese APT group dubbed “DRBControl” has been busy targeting numerous online gambling & betting platforms since May 2019. read more


Iranian Hackers Attack Corporate IT Networks 

Iranian hacking groups have been busy exploiting newly disclosed bugs in corporate VPNs by inserting sophisticated, hard-to-detect backdoors. read more


The Cyber Security Workforce Must Grow 145%

Although cyber security training is increasing there remains an acute skills shortage and the expert cyber workforce urgently needs to get bigger. read more


Cyber Crime Methods Are Evolving

Criminals are quickly developing new tools and techniques to take advantage of changes in the ways consumer and businesses behave. read more


US Increases Pressure To Stop Huawei 5G Deployment In Britain

The US does not think the UK’s decision to allow Huawei  to buy 5G technology is final and is keeping up the pressure to change its mind. read more


5G Will Affect Jobs In 2020

5G  technology will change aspects of how we work and IT and business executives alike must adapt to the impact on the workplace.  read more


The Most Common Cyber Attack

Over 32% of UK businesses identified an attack over last 12 months and 22% of charities reported they were attacked over the same period.  read more

Ransomware Attack On US Power Station

A major cyber attack hit a US gas compression facility, forcing it to shut it down for two days as it struggled to recover. read more


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