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Newsletter 2020 March #3

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Business Has Increased Cyber Security But Lacks Cyber Training

Buying equipment & services is easy. Taking the time to train people to implement secure processes and a risk-aware culture is harder. read more


The Hot Jobs In Cyber Security & How To Get One

In a comparatively new career path, it is already clear that the hot jobs in cyber security are linked with a demand for analytical skills and expertise. read more


Why 5G Is Going To Quickly Replace 4G

5G will unlock new applications that were simply not possible with 4G. Specifically, workplaces will no longer be defined by a physical location.  read more


5G Technology Is A Geopolitical Issue

Innovative use of software across 5G platforms serves to widen the network attack surface. That raises some big problems for governments, the military and telecoms companies.  read more


Facial Recognition Company Hacked

Clearview, who use cutting edge facial recognition software which has recorded over 3 billion personal images, has suffered a major breach. read more


UK Government: Mobile Devices Lost & Stolen

British government employees lost 1,474 devices in 12 months, 347 were reported stolen and 183 were either lost or stolen. Many were unencrypted. read more


Iran's Cutting Edge Cyberwar Capabilities

Iran has the skills to conduct attacks against its enemies across numerous sectors, including energy, financial services & critical infrastructure. read more


New UK Cyber Force Targets Terror Groups

At Last: A specialist British cyber force of military & civilian hackers who can target hostile states and terror groups is ready to get going.  read more


Cyber Attacks Predicted For 2020 Summer Olympics

Supply Chain: The IOC is anxious to ensure that every third party organisation involved in the 2020 Games has adequate cyber security systems. read more


Cyber Criminals Target UK Motorists

The British Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) warn of a 20% year-on-year surge in attempted online fraud targeting motorists. read more


An Escalating Cyber-Espionage Campaign In The M. East

Governmental organisations in Turkey, Jordan and Iraq are being targeted in a growing campaign to gather intelligence. Who would do that?   read more


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