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Newsletter 2020 March #4

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Coronavirus Scams Are Surging

Warning: there are growing serious concerns about the threats posed by the escalating Coronavirus situation and the risk of online fraud. read more


Business Must Avoid Cyber Complacency

Across every industry, every country and every size of business, one thing is certain: the threat from cyber attacks is growing every day. read more


Remote Working Is Suddenly On Trend

The adoption of secure technology to enable the flexibility of working from multiple locations and enable online collaboration has become urgent all of a sudden. read more


Covid-19 Virus Impacts Home Working

The Corononavirus is being increasingly used as a subject to engage readers with phishing emails and to deliver a range of other attack vectors. read more


Redefining OSINT To Win The Cybercrime War

As the quantity & complexity of data increases and criminals become more creative, the investigations industry must urgently respond.  By Julie Clegg  read more


How Effective Is Your Threat Intelligence?

Treat intelligence helps organisations make informed decisions on how to prepare for, identify and prevent threats to their cyber security. read more


A Secret Russian Tool To Shut Down The Internet

Fronton: Russia's national spy agency has powerful new tools that can shut down internet services by tapping into IoT connected smart devices. read more


How Does The CCPA Compare To The GDPR?

Both the EU's GDPR and California's CCPA emphasise the need for companies to implement user privacy protection, but there are important differences. read more


Take Action On Cyber Security Training

Organisations need to create a sophisticated risk-aware culture to stay secure and cyber security training is a very important part of that process. read more


Can  AI Replace Your Job?

The capability of artificially intelligent systems to replace much of modern manual labour is looking like a credible near-future possibility. read more


Coronavirus And Your Phone

If you haven't cleaned your phone in a while, think twice before holding it up to your face the next time you have a phone call. read more 


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