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Newsletter 2020 May #1

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Lockdown Security Apathy Could Be A Big Risk

Organisations are struggling to get employees to buy into cyber security with a third of IT leaders saying that their remote workers simply don’t care. read more


UK Virus Contact Tracking App On Trial

Millions of people in the UK will soon be asked to track their movements via smartphone to limit the spread of coronavirus, despite privacy concerns. read more


Remote Working Is Transforming The Security Landscape

Businesses face an operational crunch to sustain a remote work culture, because of lack of funds, shortage of clients and a reduced workforce. read more


Effective Cyber Security Training Using The GoCyber App

One of the major issues that all organisations face is the the need for real time cyber training of their people. There's an App for that. read more


British Government Advice Threatens Your Cyber Security

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is advising that you save your passwords in your browser. We don't recommend it. read more


Looking For Vulnerable IoT Devices

It takes a deep dive to discover the many unseen, unsecured & vulnerable devices spread across the Internet of Things. By David Balaban  read more


Britain Cracks Down On Corona Crime

The UK's NCSC has taken down more than 2,000 online scams linked to coronavirus to crack down on criminals exploiting the health crisis. read more


The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Cyber Security

As digital innovation picks up speed, AI will become much more important in cyber security, but in the wrong hands could it prove to be a very real danger. read more


Quantum Computing Has Far Reaching Effects On Security

Quantum computers are capable of code-breaking applications that could pose major risks to the security of current communications systems. read more


Zoom 5.0 Aims To Reduce 'Zoom Bombing'

Zoom is a prime target for hackers and spies but security researchers are saying that even the new 5.0 app with encryption is a privacy threat. read more

Hackers Are Selling Your Social Media Data

An investigation shows that Social Media companies are failing to clamp down on scammers selling people's personal details.  read more

Hackers Attack Israel’s Water Infrastructure

Hackers have targeted supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems at water treatment plants and pumping stations. read more


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