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Newsletter 2020 May #2

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COVID-19 Tracing App Problems

There is a growing divergence in the technical concepts used to develop an effective mobile tool to trace COVID-19 infected smartphone users, between centralised and decentalised versions. read more


UK Business Faces Particular Lockdown Security Threats

British businesses must crack down on poor remote working practices now, or risk potentially catastrophic exposure once the lockdown is over. read more


Fake Messaging Affects Australian Virus Tracing App 

Users of the newly released Australian Health Service tracing app COVIDSafe are being randomly affected by mystery fake messaging. read more


Careers In Artificial Intelligence

AI is a job. With the growing adoption of AI technology across many industries there is a growing need for trained professionals. read more


Cyber Security Market Slowdown Blamed On Coronavirus

The global cyber security market is forecast to grow at a slower average rate of 6.2% per year to 2023, due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. read more


New Dark Web Search Engine Can Strengthen Business Security

Beacon: Organisations interested in tracking their intellectual property & corporate secrets turning up on the Dark Web can use a powerful new search tool. read more


Quantum Science Will Revolutionise Security

Quantum computing is predicted to transform scientific research, stock market prediction and cryptography, which is a key component of cybersecurity. read more


Healthcare, Finance, Industry & Human Behaviour Will Be Transformed

Anything that can be connected to the Internet eventually will  be connected to the internet and we wont believe we ever lived without it. read more


Microsoft Eliminates Cyber Attack Flaws

Microsoft has warned of a "significant and growing" threat to its remote MS Teams working platform which uses seemingly harmless GIFs. read more


Solutions For Smarter Cities 

City infrastructure is growing more complex, driving a need for a much more comprehensive & integrated approach for operations and management. read more


Darktrace Moves Towards A Massive IPO

The British cyber security leader Darktrace is working towards an IPO next year after growing its market capitalisation to more than $2 billion. read more

Iran Fingered For Attack On Israeli Water Infrastructure

Iranian hackers are reported to have used servers located the US to deliver an attack on Israel's water and sewage infrastructure. read more

Rising Demand of Cybersecurity Skills 

Cybersecurity is a top priority for all organizations and there simply aren't enough professionals to meet the demand. By Anastasia Stefanuk  read more


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