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Newsletter 2020 May #3

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Nine Million EasyJet Customers Hacked

British budget airline EasyJet  has admitted that customer data, including email addresses,payment cards and travel details of 9 million customers have been hacked & stolen. read more


Paying Cybercriminals A Ransom Will Double Your Recovery Costs

Paying ransom appears to be an effective way of getting stolen data restored, but that is an illusion. It is much cheaper to invest in strong defences, according to new analysis from Sophos. read more


Beware The Latest  Malware

Malware attacks are a major problem for business and the latest wave are proving to be more damaging than ever. How can you protect your organisation against the latest threats?  By Chester Avey read more


Microsoft & Intel Agree To Fight Malware

Microsoft and Intel are collaborating on a research project to explore an innovative new approach to detecting and classifying malware by means of visualisation. read more


CISOs Can't Find The Right People

Top security executives agree that, ahead of budget and management buy-in, it is the internal skills gap that remains the biggest single barrier to getting their business strategy in place. read more


Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals are taking full advantage of the pandemic with numerous attack vectors and phishing has emerged as the current favorite tool of coronavirus scammers. By Caleb Danziger  read more


‘We Hacked Your Website’ Blackmail Scam

The unexpected message arrives in your inbox, threatening to leak or sell your website database, destroy your online reputation and de-index your site in search engines. Its a lie. read more


Businesses Are Lining Up To Deploy AI

Artificial Intelligence is right on trend with US business users, who are expecting to benefit most from improved management decision-making, better manufacturing and more powerful sales & marketing . read more


Use A VPN To Protect Your Data & Devices

You can defend yourself against cybercrime by using a VPN to hide your identity as well as your data, which has major benefits to remote workers logging into corporate networks using unsecured devices. read more


Hackers Will Publish Trump's Secret Data

The REvil hacking group are threatening to release sensitive political documents which were stolen from President Trump's celebrity law firm, unless they get paid a $42 million ransom. read more


EU Parliament Suffers A Major Attack

An Indian cyber security company has discovered a major data breach exposing private data of numerous staff and members of the European Parliament. read more

Employees Lack Cyber Protection In Lockdown

Organisations forced to work remotely due to COVID-19 are risking unprecedented cyber security threats from malicious actors. read more


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