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Newsletter 2020 November #2

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Critical Cyber Security Threats & Solutions For Business

Over 45% of UK businesses have been attacked this year and there are some important practical steps to be taken to prevent disaster striking your company. read more


Cyber Security For SMEs

It's Not Only Big Businesses: According to the insurance industry, one SME in the UK suffers a cyber attack every 19 seconds and they are potentially more at risk than larger enterprises. read more


Criminal Use Of  Artificial Intelligence

From targeted phishing campaigns to adversarial networks, here are just some of the ways that AI can be used to launch criminal cyber attacks. read more


The Five Best Ways To Secure Your Cloud Environment

Cloud migration is almost complete for many businesses. Unfortunately, cloud account breaches are increasing. What is to be done? By Mina Khaki  read more


How to Transition From Remote Work To A Secure & Agile Workforce

The sharp transition to remote working has huge challenges, related to data security, workstation access & organization compliance. By Mary Bird  read more


Cyber Warfare Is The New Frontier

The Future Of Conflict: In an accelerating cyber arms race, there is a lack of clear international rules governing the use of cyber weapons. read more


British Military Gets A Defensive Cyber Security Platform

Researchers have shared expertise to enable the new cyber security platform to make predictions about the likely next steps of an evolving attack. read more


Russian Turla Hackers Specialise In Attacking Government Agencies

US Cyber Command has exposed several new malware samples that have been developed and deployed by Russian hackers to attack government agencies. read more


Criminals Have Ramped Up Covid-19 Related Attacks

Over 25% of the cyber attacks that were dealt with by the British National Cyber Security Centre over the past 12 months were Covid-related. read more


Fake News Is A Big  Problem For CISOs

Beware: Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation campaigns are just as bad for businesses as they are for democratic elections. read more


US Cyber Command Were Running An 'Election Special'

Hunt Forward: A special operation against malicious foreign cyber actors to seek out hackers from Russia, China and elsewhere well before the US election. read more

Taiwan Company Guilty Of Semiconductor IP Theft

Trade Secrets: A Taiwan chip manufacturer conspired with China to steal critical technology from a US semiconductor design company. read more

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