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Newsletter 2020 November #3

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Cyber Criminals Are Banking On Black Friday

Cyber criminals are aiming to profit from stealing the payment card data and personal details that will be flowing over online networks faster than ever. read more


Trump Fires National Cyber Security Chief

Donald Trump has fired the Director of CISA for saying the 2020 Presidential elections were not rigged with no evidence of interference or fraud. read more


Cyber Psychology

The Human Factor: A resilient cyber security strategy takes individual personalities into account, just as much as software and systems. read more


The Rise and Fall Of America’s Unregulated Internet

Internet regulation is coming, driven by concerns over fake news and industrial monopoly. The only question is how heavy it will be. By Ronald Marks read more


The Market For Remote Desktop Software Is Set To Boom

Coronavirus is driving the demand for remote desktop software as organisations adopt remote working to maintain their day-to-day operations. read more


Using Artificial Intelligence In Business

AI has become a key component in cyber security infrastructure for every business, providing a sophisticated and multi-layered security strategy. read more


Ten Security Tips To Protect Your Website From Hacking

Website security is vital and every website needs to be protected, regardless of  the industry in which the site operates. By Vitaly Kuprenko read more


Fake PayPal Emails Cost £8million In Theft

Action Fraud is warning people selling items online to be on the lookout for criminals sending fake PayPal emails with fraudulent intent. read more


British National Cyber Security Guidance

The UK Government has issued new guidance to help organisations assess their Risk, avoid ImpactsAnticipate threats & reduce their Vulnerability. read more


N. Korean Hacking Group Has New Malware

'Kimusky' hackers are using new malware to drive information-stealing attacks against COVID-19 vaccine makers and other critical targets. read more


The Data Center Containment Solution Market is Growing

Keep Cool: The demand for data centres is expected to rise owing to increasing adoption of cloud computing applications by business. read more

Game-Changing Cyber Security Technology

Using iOS, Android and Microsoft apps, Keyavi can protect data files with multi-layered intelligence, self-protection & self-aware security. read more

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