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Newsletter 2020 November #4

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The Skills Shortage Presents A Looming Cyber Security Threat

Help Wanted: The global IT security skills shortage now exceeds 4 million and the workforce needs to increase by 145% to fill the expected demand. read more


Outsourced Cyber Spying

Spying As A Service: Outsourcing an espionage campaign against your competitors to a specialist hacking group is now a practical proposition. read more


Artificial Intelligence In The Cyber Security Market

AI brings instant insights and faster response times to cyber threats and the market is forecast to generate $100billion in revenue by 2030. read more


Cyber Security Training For Employees

Employees, from senior management to part-timers, are the largest cyber security vulnerability that any organisation faces. They need training. read more


Attack & Defence At Manchester United Football Club

One of the leading British Premiership Football clubs has suffered a sophisticated attack on its systems, but they claim to have responded swiftly. read more


Latest Cyber Attack On Game-Makers

The Japanese video game-maker Capcom, the creator of several hugely popular titles, has revealed that its computer systems were hacked in just the latest cyber attack to hit the games industry. read more


GCHQ Launches War Against Coronavirus Vaccine Fake News

The British spy agency is using techniques developed to eliminate terrorist propaganda to prevent malicious anti-vaccine disinformation. read more


AI For Faster Government Policy Decisions

On Trend: The Japanese government plans to introduce an Artificial IntelIigence data analysis system to speed their policy decision making. read more


Real-Time Data Matters To The Maritime Industry

Maritime companies are using Big Data tools and Cloud-based sytems to drive operational efficiency. Keeping this data secure is a big cyber security issue. read more


Most Big Financial Firms Have Been Attacked In The Past Year

Over 60% of large Financial Services firms have suffered an attack in the last year, despite a significantly increased investment in cyber security.  read more


Why Do People Become Cyber Criminals?

Cyber criminals exploit human or other security vulnerabilities to steal passwords, data or money. Some of them are motivated by a desire for fame. read more

Cyber Security For Home Working

Working from home generates a range of new cyber security threats and the best way to avoid these threats is to know more about them. read more


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