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Newsletter 2020 October #1

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Government, Cyber Attacks, Terrorism & Piracy

Cyber-attacks do not require large financing for weapons or recruits, but the effects can be global, immediate and devastating.  By Alfred Rolington  read more


BT Dumps Huawei For Nokia

Nokia has signed a 5G deal with British Telecom and is set to become a major beneficiary of Huawei being blocked from the UK's 5G networks. read more


What You Need to Know About 5G

5G Networks are the new generation of mobile internet connectivity on smartphones and other devices. What difference will 5G make to our lives? read more


Putin Says US & Russia Should Have A 'No Hacking' Agreement

President Vladimir Putin is calling for an agreemen to reset the relationship between the two countries to prevent incidents in cyberspace. read more


Directors Must Understand Their Organisation’s Cyber Risks

Business leaders must engage with and understand the risk profile for the commercial sector that their business is engaged with. read more


Cyber Security Companies Exposed On The Dark Web

Over 95% of leading cybersecurity companies had their data exposed on the Dark Web in 2020, with 160,000 critical incidents risking client data. read more


Social Media Campaigns Designed To Disrupt US Election

Facebook and Twitter say that a Kremlin-backed organisation that interfered in the 2016 election is once again targeting American voters. read more


Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Security

Using AI and ML to combat malware and phishing attacks can help security teams focus on understanding the growing volume of threats. read more


Featured Editorial

How To Transmit Sensitive Information Over The Internet Here are some simple and efficient tips on how to protect the private and confidential  information that you share online every day. By David Fisher read more



Business Phishing Attacks Increase With Coronavirus

The frequency of phishing threats has grown considerably with companies now experiencing an average of 1,185 attacks every month. read more


Ransomware Is On the Rise: How to Prevent Attacks

Ransomware has quickly become the greatest malware threat in the digital world. What is it and how do you prevent an attack from happening? read more

Chinese Hackers Spying On US Government Agencies

Chinese hackers are exploiting known software flaws in commercial technologies and open-source tools to target US government and businesses. read more

US Court Documents Published On The Dark Web

Across the USA, local governments & public sector entities have endured a wave of ransom  attacks. None more so than in Louisiana. read more


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