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Newsletter 2020 October #2

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Police Sting Operation Disrupts The Dark Web

Operation DisrupTor: Police have successfully targeted international buyers and sellers of illicit goods on the Dark Web to end the 'golden age' of cyber crime. read more


British Spies Find Big Software Problems With Huawei

GCHQ's investigation of Huawei equipment widely used in the UK's telecoms networks has discovered a "nationally significant" vulnerability. read more


Cyber Security Awareness Month: October 2020

Securing Devices At Work: National Cyber Security Awareness Month covers online safety and privacy, promoting good cyber security both at home and at work. read more


Too Many Employees Use Their Own Devices To Access Corporate Data

BYOD: Nearly half of employees are using their own devices to access data which belongs to their company - that's risky behaviour. read more


Organisations Must Use Cyber Security Tools For Remote Working

Remote working is the new normal for many organisations and many believe this is going to be, at least partially, the new way of working. read more


Improving SME Cyber Security

SMEs have become a preferred target for cybercrime because many lack the time, budget and expertise to put security defences in place. read more


Is Slack Secure For Your Business?

Slack is a popular productivity tool used as a communal discussion platform for many business employees. But is it really secure? read more


Sentiment About Cyber Security Professionals Improves

Upwardly Mobile: Cyber Security professionals are increasingly seen as highly skilled and no longer viewed as roadblocks to business efficiency.  read more


Foreign Hackers Threaten US Election Security

FBI Warning: Foreign actors may create or alter websites and create fake news that discredits the US electoral process and undermines the confidence of  voters. read more


Facebook Too Slow At Removing Fake News

A recently fired Facebook employee has denounced the company’s handling of misinformation and election interference. read more


British Court Considers Extraditing Julian Assange

Investigative Journalist or Spy? The Wikileaks founder faces extradition to the US on multiple charges of espionage and hacking military secrets. read more

Cyber Warfare Creates Ghosts In Our Machines

Cyber weapons are accessible to anyone with the right computer expertise, not just governments. This changes the nature of armed conflict. read more


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