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Newsletter 2020 October #3

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Social Media: An Exclusive 3 Part Review

With more than 3.5 billion users, social media is now a preferred medium for businesses to reach out to their target audience.Take A Closer Look. read more


Struggling With The Cyber Security Skills Shortage

Security skills are lacking across multiple IT disciplines and professionals say they have to work on advancing their skills in their own time. read more


New Skills For A Career In Cyber Security

As the number job vacancies grows, many technology-literate people are starting to think about a well paid new career in cyber security. read more


A Quick Cyber Security Guide For Business Leaders

Cyber security is a critical issue for all companies and business leaders need to be prepared to provide appropriate and effective oversight of their cyber risks. read more


Cambridge Analytica Did Not Influence The Brexit Referendum

The British data regulator has found no evidence that Cambridge Analytica was involved with any Russian intervention in the referendum vote. read more


The Same Russians Who Hacked Clinton Are Targeting Biden

Microsoft says that the Russian 'Fancy Bear' hacking and espionage group that attempted to interfere in the 2016 US election is back at work. read more


Iranian Government Hackers Spy On Dissidents

An Iranian hacker group has spied on Iran’s government political opponents for years by exploiting stolen 2 Factor Authentication codes. read more


Remote Working Compromises Outbound Email

Most IT leaders believe remote working greatly increases the risk of sensitive data being placed at risk from outbound email data breaches. read more


The Software Industry Delivers Appliances With Known Vulnerabilities

Software vendors often distribute their products on virtual appliances with exploitable and fixable vulnerabilities running on outdated operating systems. read more


Technology Trends to Watch Out For

The pace of technical innovation is speeding up and Gartner have highlighted the key trends that will challenge security professionals the most. read more


Bangladesh Banks Are Not Properly Cyber Secure

Financial institutions in Bangladesh are poorly equipped to deal with a wave of malware-driven attacks from both N.Korean and local cyber criminals. read more

EU Court Rules Out Mass Online Surveillance

Data-retention arising from a mass surveillance programme is allowed only when an EU country faces a "serious threat to national security". read more


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