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Newsletter 2020 October #5

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Anticipating Cyber Attacks

Cyber security teams need to re-organise, change their focus inside the network and start using tools that help detect cyber attacks as early as possible. read more


Malware Versus Ransomware: What’s the Difference?

The decision to pay a ransom demand should not be taken lightly. If you do decide to pay, there are some things you should know. By Harman Singh read more


AI Is Evolving Into A Business Necessity

The transformational power of AI is affecting all aspects of business management, operations, people & culture. That certainly includes cyber security. read more


Russia's Hackers Are Masters Of Cyber Warfare

The British and US indictments of the 'Sandworm' group of military hackers reveals the extensive reach and power of these professional cyber warriors. read more


Voter Data Being Used To Disrupt US Election

US intelligence agencies say that Iran and Russia are using voter data “to sow chaos and confusion" ahead of the presidential election. read more


Big Regulatory Changes In Store For The Internet

The US and the EU intend to introduce heavy regulation of technology markets, which will have long term consequences for how the internet operates. read more


The Big US Tech Corporations Are A ‘Monopoly of Power'’

US Legislators are advocating massive changes that would lead to the regulatory disintegration of some of largest US technology companies. read more


Facebook & Google Will Be Regulated In Britain

Together, Facebook and Google dominate the online advertising market, giving them unassailable advantages that justify enforceable restriction. read more


Ireland's Privacy Regulator Is Investigating Instagram

Facebook could get a huge EU fine after the Irish Data Protection Commission investigation of how Instagram handles the contact data of millions of children. read more


Cyber Professionals Fear Being Replaced By AI

Survey: Young cyber security professionals are mostly happy in their jobs, but they are much more concerned about the impact of AI than their older colleagues. read more

Phishers Target Microsoft & Google Public Cloud Users

Hackers are targeting accounts on Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's Gmail to steal corporate usernames and passwords. read more

Russian Spies Attacked Olympic Games With Malware

Russia’s GRU military intelligence are known to use the most destructive malware and they now stand accused of hacking the 2020 Olympic Games. read more

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